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  • What to Expect

    Our team at NBHC recognizes how stressful it can be when patients and their families are faced with neurological or mental health concerns. NBHC is committed to helping you through the neuropsychological assessment process with support, compassion, and respect.  To help our patients better understand what to expect during this process, we have provided some general guidelines and commonly asked questions. We are always happy to provide additional information and answer questions during a phone consultation.

    What is a neuropsychological assessment?

    A neuropsychological assessment typically involves three main components:

    • A review of your medical records so that your neuropsychologist understands your medical history

    • An interview with you and another person who knows you well (e.g., family member, close friend), if possible. This interview can take up to an hour and allows for the neuropsychologist to better understand your background and current concerns

    • Administration of standardized tests to assess your cognitive abilities and mood, including paper-and-pencil tests, computerized tests, and verbally-administered tests

    After the assessment data is collected, your neuropsychologist will provide you with a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings and recommendations from the assessment. A feedback session will be scheduled to review the results with your neuropsychologist and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions.

    What will be measured during a neuropsychological assessment?

    A typical neuropsychological assessment will evaluate your mood and a variety of cognitive abilities, including general intelligence, attention, processing speed, language, visual and spatial perception, learning and memory, problem-solving, reasoning, and academic skills.

    How long does the assessment last?

    The length of testing will vary depending on your situation and needs. A typical assessment often lasts 3-4 hours but can sometimes can take up to 8 hours or longer. Testing is usually completed in one day, and we will take breaks as needed throughout the day.

    How can I prepare for my assessment?

    This is not the type of test that you need to study for beforehand. However, there are some things we recommend that can help you perform your best on the day of testing:

    • Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Plan to do something relaxing the night before if you can.

    • Allow plenty of time to get to your appointment so you don’t feel rushed or stressed that morning.

    • Eat before your appointment and bring a snack and hydration.

    • Keep in mind that our team is here to offer guidance and support throughout the process.